Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joy Of Love Days 1 and 2

I am a little intimidated by this online class. I have no idea how to use my camera beyond the manual settings and am terrified of not finding time to learn. the idea is to learn more about how to use the damn camera and to document those I love. 

So, in the spirit of true laziness and fear, I am doing days 1 and 2 together. 

Day 1 was: What they DO
*photo removed at husband's request* I will get another one and post it at some point today. He tried to leave for work and could barely get out the door, so we're going to hang out in our pjs today.

today, this is what my love will be doing (well not, the ONLY thing he will be doing). Playing video games!
We are snowed in so we'll have some family time together. 
Day 2: How They Look:
Yep, that's him. 
I have downloaded the pdf of my camera's manual to my phone, so hopefully I will have a chance to read it and learn something. In the you go. 


  1. Hi - I just joined, too. I'm also intimidated and excited at the same time! I don't know anything about my camera either - it's generally just set on automatic.

    so here's to being newbies!

  2. Good luck with the joy of love! I am also doing it. :)

  3. What kinda camera ya got?

  4. I have a Canon PowershotSX 120 IS.
    any tips are appreciated! We all got sick this week so I have some major catching up to do.