Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Unless you have been sucessfully hiding from the rest of the world, you know that we got whomped by a massive snow storm last night. 

Mr. Smith didn't go to work today because... well I will just show you:
At the end of the walk

In front of our door. 

Across the parking lot

Someone's back door. Sucks to be them.

He is standing in snow up to his waist.

Is one of my eyes bigger than the other one? my whole face is crooked, dammit. 

This one had fun playing in the show, but only inside the little hallway leading up to our building. You can see him in the second photo. It was rather windy and he didn't like that, but he LOVED the snow. 
I carried Milo out to where Brian was trying to uncover our cars. I walked along the front of the building and through drifts ranging from boot-deep to ankle-deep to knee-deep. Did I mention that I was carrying around 30 extra pounds of child? 
Hopefully the wind will stop in the next couple days, so we can go play. 

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