Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Second on the Third

My mom and I on my wedding day
Yesterday was my mother's birthday. I couldn't be with her because she lives about an hour away and there were millions of inches of snow between us. 
My mom is a complete and total individual. Hard to understand at times, but all intelligent people are. She has taught me the immeasurable value of constantly complimenting and believing in your children.
She has taught me that emotions are valid. That some people are just assholes. That sometimes you just need to smash something. 
My mom has helped me hone (what she calls) my sense of the ridiculous. Both my parents have, actually. 
I wish so very many things for my mom. I will continue to have faith that the wishes that come true in her life are her very own, because she deserves them. 


  1. Most humble thank you, Daughter Dear! You are one of my greatest joys!

  2. Aww! First, you look stunning! And second, I'm lucky enough to have a very similar relationship with my mom. Moms like ours are golden. Happy Birthday to her!

  3. Thanks girls! I know my mom appreciates it.

    big ups to the mommies!!!!