Saturday, May 5, 2012


This family does nothing gradually. If you know me at all, you know that gradual and subtle is not my style. I am all about bleaching, leopard print, large cabochons, loud music, bright colors...

I am also, apparently about major life changes all at once. 

When DH and I were first married, we bought this townhouse the weekend after the wedding. Then we moved and I got knocked up within 2 months of that. Oh, and did I mention he was studying for his CPA degree? (I probably have...)

Well...round 2 is upon us. 

DH starts his new job on Monday. My last day as a paid employee is Tuesday. Our short sale was approved yesterday. The buyer wants to close before June 4th. I am due to birth a child July 21. 

So, like, yay! But, also...DAMN. 


  1. Fast lane here you come! Glad I tuned in this morning. Congratulations all around!

  2. Congratulations! Where are you moving?