Monday, May 21, 2012

Shoe Lust List

Modcloth has great is my completely biased-ly curated list for you:

Because tall boots are the best

Tall flat boots are also best

If I had silver sequined pants, I would wear them with these.

Wear with darkdark bellbottoms



Who doesn't enjoy an interesting wedge?

Because my bestie has perfect nude pumps, I must also have them.

Because Joan Holloway has these. 


These are more shoes I would wear on the daily. 

Perfect badass black wedge booties. 

All photos from Modcloth
I think it is safe to say that plenty of these shoes would be fit for a drag queen, and I am okay with that. 
Here's my issue...I'm already on the tall side of average. But I REALLY like tall shoes. When I wear tall shoes, I am like...TALL. And people are like...what's up with you being all TALL AND SHIT?
And all I can do is point down. They usually get it if they are chicks, man. 

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