Friday, May 4, 2012

Is This a Joke?

When my son was born, he slept and fed in 2 hour increments, for which I was truly grateful. I felt somewhat energized and lucky that he would fall right back asleep while feeding at night. 

It was awesome, and after the initial new-parent exhaustion, we fell into a good routine and I could get some more sleep. 

But the past few days have been tough. Milo will NOT stay in his bed. He wants to sleep in my bed with me. Which might be cool...but...

He literally punches me in his sleep. He kicks. He tosses and turns.  LAST NIGHT he was FREAKING OUT because his HEAD WAS ITCHY!!! WHAT THE HELL???!?!

There was a thunderstorm last night, and I will never turn a scared kid out of my bed, but the itchy head thing kind of pissed me off. Jeez man.

I am super tired. I keep trying to tell myself that this is NOTHING compared to what will happen once baby comes. But shit man, I want to SLEEP. 

No, kiddo does NOT nap anymore. The best I can hope for is 20 minutes of shuteye this afternoon while he watches Adventure Time. 

Last night and the night before my husband has gone out with people from his office. He RARELY if ever does this, and seeing as this is his last week there, people wanted to take him out. 

This means literal 14-hour days alone with kiddo for me. Which...okay...but...shit man...(I said that like Bukowski during Hostage).



  1. Any physical reason for itchy head?

  2. I'm getting just a taste of what it will be like once my son comes home -- they've got me pumping every 3 hours around the clock. I'm doing fine with it, but boy do I miss those long stretches of sleep during the night!

  3. Mom, I think he just needs his hair washed, which is ANOHER ordeal...

    Beth, just remember that you WILL SLEEP AGAIN SOMEDAY. Regardless of my crabby blog post :)