Friday, August 26, 2011

How Things Change

I remember Fridays as a much younger excuse to leave work a little early...a reason to stay up late...a work-free weekend to look forward to.

Fridays are much different now. Usually by the end of the week, I am a rubber band-stretched as far as I can go without snapping. Except that I sometimes do snap. By Friday I usually feel totally under-appreciated and exhausted. And I usually have to suppress my urge to pout all evening so that I can have a happy face while I'm at work. 

This week was full of adventures...we rode Thomas the Tank Engine on Saturday, I had skincare training all day in Chicago on Sunday and on Monday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. Tuesday was spent running errands, Wednesday was a birthday party (for five 13-year old girls) at work and Thursday was Milo's preschool orientation. 

Which brings us to Friday. Rubber-Band Friday,  I need to do a hair mask and wax my eyebrows. I also need to post photos for my family and return books to the library. I am actually looking forward to going in to work tonight. For the break. 
This is Milo and me waiting to get onto Thomas. We arrived early and managed to sit out the thunderstorm inside the diner. Milo was unhappy. 

He thought it was TOO LOUD and he did not like it. 

But we ended up having a good time. After riding on Thomas we went to the retail tent and Milo chose some troublesome trucks to bring home. 

Milo at the Museum of Science and Industry. Best museum to bring kids to. I LOVE IT. 

The girl on the right is my friend Sarah, my sister from another mister. She's great fun, but averse to having her picture taken.

Milo drove a harvester. 

He liked it. 

And then we found the trains. We spent the majority of time in the train room. The setup there is amazing. And can you see the FREAKING BOEING 727 HANGING IN THERE??? I was having a tough time comprehending that there was a passenger jet INSIDE A ROOM I WAS IN. 
My mind was blown. 

Here we have Jollyball. It is a Guinness record holder for largest 'flapper machine' in the world. Basically it is a giant pinball machine that you don't play. Some dude built it for some tourism contest in ...Norway (?). Astounding. 

There's a freaking CHEESE ELEVATOR for the ball. 


This was part of the 'About You' display. The more you moved in front of those screens, the harder the people would laugh. 
This is also the section where I SLAUGHTERED Brian AND Sarah at the 'Relax Your Mind' game. Basically I am a Jedi master. 

Milo and I pilot a plane in a wind tunnel. Milo is shouting, 'EVERYBODYS GONNA DIE!!!!'

These balls were floating in columns of air.


It was a fun visit. 

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