Monday, August 1, 2011

One Doesn't Expect

Pyrotechnics at a Paul McCartney show. But we saw them-during 'Live and Let Die'. Dun-nuh nuh, dun nuh nuh, NUH NUH!!! POW EXPLOOOODEE WHOOSSHHH!!!!

I had the distinct pleasure of going to see Sir Paul at Wrigley Field last night. What a showman. I was moved to tears multiple times during the concert. I am also experiencing the longest 'week' of PMS I've ever had, so that may have something to do with it. 

Wrigley Field is beautiful, and it was great to see something there that didn't end in disappointment-e.g. a Cubs game. 

My brain is still a little mushy, so I can't remember the set list. I know he played 'Get Back', 'Hey Jude' (TEARS, ALWAYS), 'Helter Skelter', some Wings garbage, 'Baby I'm Amazed', ummm and some other awesomeness. 

His band was astounding. Best drummer I've ever seen. Let me tell you something-I am a massive music fan. I believe that music has the power to transform people with sound and emotion. Hence the tears during songs I've heard thousands of times. But when you see legit musicians rocking the fuck good. SOOO GOOD. 

I was truly tickled by the drummer. He was a big dude with a shaved head. He smiled and grimaced with joy for the entire THREE HOUR SHOW. He also rock-locked with Paul, which was a personal highlight for me. He also delighted me by doing old-school dance moves on the drum riser. 

I have no photographs to share. Sorry. 

The only shitty part was leaving. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with sweaty, immobile strangers. I had to concentrate on my breathing and obsessively rub my purse strap to keep myself from crying. NOT good in crowds like that. I felt like I was being herded into a train car (tactless historical reference). Just thinking about it turns my stomach. 

BUT THAT WAS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE SHEER FUCKING AWESOME-FUCKING-NESS of the show. One of the best I've seen. Paul McCartney is proof that doing something you love will keep you young. And that suspenders are awesome. 

Big thank-you to the in-laws for driving, to the LeKostajs for meeting us for an early dinner, and to my dear husb for buying the tickets. 

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  1. what does it mean to rock lock?