Thursday, August 18, 2011

Letter to a Stranger

Dear Crazy Man in the Red Car on Route 90, 

I had no idea that my raised 'what're you DOIN' hand gesture would incite such anger within you. I couldn't hear what you were saying as you cut me off twice and made your guido hand gestures to me in your rearview. 
I ignored you as you pulled up next to me at the light , put your window down and started yelling and honking at me. That must have made you mad!You were yelling and I wasn't listening!! OOOOH the frustration of a man ignored!!! I was tempted to give you the finger at that point but that exit ramp is pretty close to my home and I didn't want you following me. 

You honked again as I turned into my neighborhood. I hope you saw that I flipped you off as I was safely in my own subdivision.  Maybe you should look into anger management so you don't get so mad when people give you the palms-upturned gesture. Or get better maps so you don't cut people off. 

Also, please go fuck yourself. 

Very Sincerely, 
A Much Better Driver Than You. 

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