Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yes, Really...

Yesterday evening was a wee bit stressful. My DH decided that the time was right for him to sell his car and get a new one. When he gets an idea in his head there is no way to stop him. He's rather determined in that way. Its usually an admirable quality. 

The timing and location of this deal worked out in such a way that my darling father-in-law had to come over on his way home from work to watch the kiddo so I could go in to work. My FIL is a great guy and always likes the food I make for dinner. least he says he does...

But I was stressed because I know how the Smith men are when they get home from work...they want to relax and I felt guilty that he had to stay and babysit. 

SO I went in to work and the car thing worked out. I got home early because I closed with a fast closer (love her) and had time to test drive the new car and hear my DH's story of triumph over the car salesmen. Seriously...he's REALLY good at it. 

We had a cocktail and finished watching The Fighter (AMAZING film). Then went to bed. 
Then it happened. I took a melatonin and for some reason the migraine forced me to drift up through the sea of natural sleep aid so that I could stumble downstairs for a triple dose of acetaminophen. Migraines fucking suck. Chronic sufferers have all the sympathy I can muster. 
I can feel the throbbing haunting me gently behind my eyes. 

While watching the final fight scene in the movie last night, I convinced myself I could be a really good boxer. I have the suppressed rage that I think it would take to punch someone in the face multiple times. 
I told my DH I would make a good fighter and he says, 'You bruise too easily...your face would get all smashed up...'
I hugged him and said, 'Are you trying to say I'm too pretty to fight?'
'Yeah hunney...yeah.'
And that, my friends is the poetry of marriage. 
Now I need to drive north for my last weekly visit with mumzie. Then we have at all drive north AGAIN later so we can finish this car exchange. 
THEN our next step is figuring out what the hell to do with this condo. Anyone want to rent a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom place in Schaumburg with granite floors, countertops and stainless steel appliances? 


  1. where are you moving?

  2. We haven't decided yet...we just want out of this place...