Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rentrée des classes

How I love Google Translate. 

Milo is looking forward to making new friends and learning to share.
I am looking forward to a potential $14/month gym membership to use while he's in school. 
Milo is looking forward to using his backpack.
I am looking forward to having a preschooler-I can actually feel myself getting giddy remembering my vague memories of preschool: learning to make a ball out of play dough, painting my name and wanting to make the T 'big like Mr. T', being scared of the guy in parachute pants and then finding out he was super-nice....

So fun. I can't wait for relationships to bloom. The parents and caregivers all seem very caring and nice. I keep telling myself I belong here *chuckle*. 

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