Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My husband and I watch the AMC series Mad Men. The praise heaped up on this show for its writing/costuming/hotness/etc is well known and won't be repeated here. 

What I love about this show is that the characters are incredibly well developed. I have such complex reactions to them. Well, some of them. 

Brian and I have favorites. Characters that frequently make us say, 'Damn. That was awesome.'

All I'm going say is that Joan and Roger are our favorites. Right hunney?

(that was me asking my husband to agree with me via the interwebs)

We just watched this past Monday's episode and can't stop thinking about it. 

What about you? Do you watch that show? Who are your favorites, if you do watch?

Also, side note...

I grew up surrounded shall I say this...not small women. Both physically and personality-wise, heh heh. 

They aren't slim, petite, slender androgynous women. All my aunts (I have five of them related by blood) are women with breasts and hips and butts. What I mean to say is that these women look like WOMEN.  The first time I ever saw a lady put something into her bra for safekeeping it was family. 

So this is the female image I grew up seeing. I resemble that, is that what I will look like, etc...
And I sort of didn't...I suppose? 
I wasn't ever busty, and they all mostly were. My legs didn't really look like theirs, I was taller than a lot of them...just stuff a teenage girl thinks about when her body is going through the weird shit of puberty.  I did, however get their upper arms (all Billeck women reading this SAY AMEN) and tendency for occasional passive-aggressive behavior (all the Billeck women SAY AMEN).
Har har. 
What I hadn't considered is just how much a woman's body will continue to change throughout life, especially during and after pregnancy. 
It's weird. You have to re-accept your body for what it becomes and deal with it as it is. And hopefully love it.

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