Monday, April 30, 2012

Before I Forget...

...what we did in Florida, I had better shake a leg and get these posts done!!!
Our second day was spent at Hollywood Studios (my favorite!)
Waiting to meet Buzz and Woody.

MuppetVision 3-D made me happy years ago, and did not disappoint this time. 

They took off right after this. 

This is apparently the truck that inspired the design of Mater. 

Shaking our fists at Evil Zurg. 

On the one day it was warm enough to go in the pool, Milo was a CHAMP! He put on that life jacket and hung out in the 'deep' end with me for an hour! He also went down the water slide all by himself. And yes, we WERE two of the palest people at the pool .

We spent our third day at Magic Kingdom, and the last morning at Animal Kingdom...the photo order gets a little messed up here. 

Tree of Life. REALLY COOL

Animal butts

We swtiched around some of our meal plan points and upgraded to a table service at Citricos, at the Grand Floridian Resort. SO amazing!!!! Brian had osso bucco and I had Madiera-braised short ribs. Then for dessert I had a tropical fruit creme brulee and Brian had a blood orange tart (that he didn't really like). But my creme brulee was phenomenal. 
Milo had some Goldfish crackers and then he made ice cream soup. Gross. 
Please ignore my weird alien hand. 
More tomorrow. Photos of not my alien hands. 

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  1. This looks so fun and exciting! Thanks for sharing!