Thursday, April 12, 2012


As a pregnant woman, wants become WAAAAANNNTSSSS. 
Or more accurately...things one must have RIGHT NOW or the risk of me turning into a really upset person is rather high. 

Here are some of mine:

Long hair (not to eat, no pica here. I just am sick of my short hair)

To float in a pool (soon, Florida, soon)

Peanut butter on toast. I am unable to properly function these days without two slices of toast with Smart Balance spread and Natural Jif and a cup of coffee. 

A pedicure. Because painting your toenails while pregnant is HARD.

Ama ebi, sockeye, aji, hon maguro, and hotate gai. If you know what these things are you will know why I cannot have them and you will feel bad for me because they are delicious. 

To stop arching my back when I stand. Its really doing a number on my sacrum. 

A  (bump-friendly) dress that I can wear to a wedding shower and a wedding and any other fancy dress events I may have to attend this summer. 

A giant bottle of Thierry Mugler's Alien perfume. I do NOT like Angel, but Alien is AWESOME. 

This diaper bag

This co-sleeper.

This sort of turned into a christmas list. Hm. 

The end. If you have any of this stuff, please give it to me now.

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