Thursday, April 26, 2012


We left early Saturday morning. Had some pancakes at O'Hare. I had a folded egg and cheese muffin. (only one person will get THAT joke)
I was having some stuffy nose issues which made the plane ride pretty crummy for ME. But Milo was a CHAMP. That kid's resilience amazes me.
Oh, nothing, just kicking it here at 33,000 feet watching some Batman.

We stayed on the Disney property, and I must say that's the way to go. They pick you up at the airport and have shuttles to every park that run like every 15 minutes. We didn't wait longer than 20 minutes for anything. Late April is a really great time to visit!

Milo and I on the shuttle from the airport to the resort. Please excuse my crazy hair .
The first day we arrived at the resort around 4 pm, unpacked, changed clothes (airplane clothes to me are soiled..)and headed out to Epcot. 
We saw the garden and flower show and realized that the camera had no batteries once we had gotten to the park. D'oh. photos of Epcot. We went to Japan, where Milo got a CatBus (watch Totoro). Japan has my favorite gift shop, but then I do love most things Japanese. After that, Brian wanted to head to Germany to eat. Then the rain began. We got DRENCHED before we even had a chance to blink. 
Note to my mother-in-law...I forgot the raincoats you bought us. I'm really sorry. 
Ocean at Epcot. Milo and Brian got eaten by a shark.
That's about it for now. Day #2 tomorrow. 
More changes on the horizon. 

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