Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Lesson Learned

I am very blessed to have more than a few very wise women in my life. I am also very blessed with a wee bit of wisdom of my own. 

I've learned a few things recently and would like to share them with you. Yes. You. 

As an empath, it is rather easy to feel guilty when you feel no empathy towards people at any given time. I have previously felt extreme guilt when I've lacked empathy. I learned recently that there ARE certain circumstances in which a person CAN act in a way that sort of...stops you from feeling empathetic. This does not make you a horrible person.

I used to think that it did. 

I no longer feel this way. 

Another lesson I have learned is that if you give people enough time, they will show you the kind of person they truly are. I am speaking about one person in particular. Someone for whom I stuck up for a long time. (She's not related to me, so I'll squash that speculation now)

I learned that while I didn't like this person, I was able to respect her. 

I no longer respect her. She has shown herself to be untrustworthy, self-centered, and false. Time and time again. I hope to soon see her departure from my life, either by her own volition or by mine. Or by the grace of God, which I suppose will happen either way. 

Final note: is my new favorite place to find shoes. This is not a paid endorsement, as I am not famous enough to get paid to tell ANYONE I like ANYTHING.

But. The customer service is outstanding, their help desk helpers are funny, and their shipping is really fast and FREE. Cheers to Zappos. Now go buy yourself some shoes, you adorable little thing. 

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