Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebration and a Review

Last night, Mr. Smith and I dropped the Goo off at his grandparents' house and drove not very far to a restaurant in a strip mall. 
It seems like most things are now located in strip malls. Shudder. 
Anyhoo, we went to this place and had drinks and dinner. First the review:

Jade Asian Infused (I think that is the whole name of this place) had the ambiance one expects from a sushi-ish place in a strip mall in Carol Stream or any other north-ish suburb of Chicago. Clean lines, not too many table crammed in the dining room, interesting light fixtures. Separate bar area. Like you have to enter through another door. I was in very tall shoes and the floor was slippery, so I didn't walk over there-but I thought that was cool. 
Mr. Smith had told me earlier in the day that he was going to order my dinner for me. I thought that was very romantical and Don Draper-ey. Mmmmm. 
But here we encountered a bit of a snag. Apparently Brian Don Draper Smith had researched the place, read reviews, looked at menus and saw something he JUST KNEW that I would like. Such as:

A pitcher of some mojito beverage(to share, people. to share.). I can't find it on the menu, but that isn't the point. They were out of mint leaves (really?) so our server suggested substituting their version of a Mai Tai. Which was really not the same thing at all. 

Their version of a Dragon Roll. I heart maki sushi so very, very much and this is a favorite. It is also one that Brian will eat. That was delicioso and I wolfed down my half because I was ravenous. It was the basic version of a dragon roll: shrimp tempura and crab meat topped with avocado and teriyaki sauce.

The ENTREE that Brian picked out for me was the romantic part. Pan-seared scallops with applewood smoked bacon, a yuzu glaze, served over black risotto. 
TO DIE, right? Plus we have a history with risotto-it was one of my first 'accomplishments' as a cook. 
I'd never had black risotto before...I'm guessing it was a sort of black rice they just cooked in that style. And I LOVE scallops. And bacon. And...yuzu...who DOESN'T?!
But apparently there is some worldwide shortage of scallops, or they are really expensive or SOMETHING (our server was very quiet)
So they substituted shrimp, which were tasty, but again; not the same. 

Brian got the herb-marinated lamb chops, which made his lips very shiny. They had good flavor but could have been a touch less 'done'. The sides he selected were garlic mashed potatoes garnished with caramelized onions and fried rice. The taters were cold and the rice undercooked. 

I'd give it three stars out of five, because the menu was impressive and the flavors all good. And I know how the sushi/fish-buying market can  be inconsistent. But mint leaves? Come on. 

No photos because I forgot the camera. 
It stormed here like CRAZY last night. A good Midwestern thunderstorm, with skies bright as day and the loud booms that cause sisters to jump into each others' beds for comfort. 

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