Friday, May 7, 2010

A New Thing

The Smith family did something new last night. 
If you don't know, last night was the National Day of Prayer. The church we attend had an event where groups of people moved throughout the church, praying about our nation, church, community and families. 
Anyone who has attended even a single church service has been in a roomful of people praying (or...pretending to pray). But last night was different. Not only because we were in a different PART of the church (lower level as opposed to worship center, etc...), but because the focus of the evening was prayer. 
I rarely feel like I belong. RARELY. I rarely feel as though I am a part of something bigger than myself.***
But last night...I felt both of those things. 

Referencing the title of my post-the new thing we did was a 'concert of prayer'. Where the elders of the church stood in the middle of the everyone, we joined hands and began to pray. 
Out LOUD. whoa. I don't even sing in church because I dislike the sound of my own voice. 
But to have your voice mixed in with everyone else's, all praying for the same thing was amazing. 

Okay, apologies to my heathen friends (not really though) for the uninteresting blog post. You'll live. 
Milo is yelling for me. Time to get dressed and go to the grocery store. 

This is a VERY old and funny photo of three people who are only ALL named Megan when they are together. 
Pretty sure those are straws in my hand. 
Peace out homes. 
***this is due to my own personal insecurities. we all have them. stfu. 

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