Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Years Ago Today

I married my love. My friend. My compliment. 
We went from freewheeling newlyweds to home-owning parents rather quickly, buying a townhouse the next weekend and becoming pregs the next MONTH. 
Yeah...we move fast. 
Yep, I laid it on him as soon as Pastor Mel told me I could. 

We toasted with hand-blown glass beer boots from Germany. Champagne flutes aren't really our style. Mr. Smith toasted me with a made-up story about a funeral in Russia and a promise to tell everyone I was a dirty, dirty whore, so no man would ever look at me again. 
It was actually quite funny and good. 

This is a photo of us with the Frenches, Dana and Jerry. These two have been major influences in MY life for the past decade-plus; and in Brian's life for almost that long. They were our matron of honor and our best man. I truly consider these two geeks family. They are a shining example of true love and family. And I cannot type any more mushy crap about them or I will cry. 

SO...Brian. Thanks for convincing me to be your girl. I am proud to be your wife  and I am so glad to stand by your side FOREVEAH!!!!!! I love you!!!!


  1. We love you, too! We were honored to play such a special role in your very special day. Happy Anniversary!