Thursday, May 20, 2010


My husband's family mostly all lives in St. Louis, Missouri. This means a few things, like: ridiculous, deep-seated and ancient baseball rivalries; gooey butter cake; and making the drive to STL a few times a year for various family events. 
This weekend it is for the wedding of Brian's cousin TJ. 
Congratulations TJ! I like all Brian's cousins-they are a pretty tight-knit group and about our age. Nice folks. 
I got ambitious and decided that I could/would sew myself a dress for this wedding. I bought a pattern, fabric, interfacing and a zipper!!!! A first attempt, I went slowly, through the pleats and the sewing and the bias tape that I MADE. 
Then I realized that I do not have a zipper foot for my sewing machine. 'Okay, no problem', I said to myself. 'I'll just stitch it in by hand.'
Which is what I should be doing RIGHT NOW instead of blogging about how badly I need to get shit done. Do you know how painstaking I am right now?
Does that sentence even make sense?

So now, today (this is the type of idiot I am), I have to get myself and the Goo pre-packed, FINISH the dress, have lunch with my BFF and have my dad and Al over - possibly for dinner. 
Because I love my BFF and when she asked me to come out to lunch with her I could not say no. 
Because I love my dad and Al and when they asked to come over and see us I could not say no. 
Because my sister and my BFF work in the same office and I used to work there too so it is nice to go visit sometimes. 
And this is why I drink more Diet Coke and coffee than water. Gross. 
Here is some evidence that I might not have such a crummy camera. 
This is my new favorite fragrance and an old amber ring that I rarely wear anymore. I switched a few settings on my camera and can now actually focus on things. WOOOOOOOO!
Gonna go sew now. Have a good weekend. Look for a post on the string of goldfish murders coming soon. 

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  1. Gah I love that ring!!!! And you go girl, I wish I could sew worth a darn, but I have to rely on the boyfriend for all sewing tasks. Sad!
    -mandi :)