Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have been inspired, y'all. 

Kristen over at Pommes Frites is doing a 'Share the Love' kinda dealie to encourage participation amongst the blog community. She's making the effort to comment on peoples' blogs in order to...

you guessed it...


I personally really enjoy comments (that are kind and positive, durrr) and am totes willing to pass along that feeling if I can. 

So yeah, gonna do that. Kind of already did. But my bathtub and this bath bomb are very kindly calling my name. And God willing I will get a tub in before study this morning. 

*vows not to become run-down*


  1. woohoo! so glad you're joining me!

    Ps - love your blog, esp that last post about Jersey girls/guys. Sometimes people take directness as being rude, but I'm a firm believer in "you can't get something unless you ask for it".


  2. Thank you Kristen!
    I struggle ALL the time with the dilemma: keep my mouth shut, or open it and risk having to put my foot in it?
    But i do totally agree with you.

  3. Sounds like a groovy idea! And I have yet to try the Böög yet, but it smells lovely.

  4. Came by via the Girls Gone Child page where I saw your name and yelped (not because of the triple exclamation points either). I named my youngest daughter Althea, she is 20 months old and I wonder if I will ever tire of such a wonderful name. No one else seems to think its a real name though, and I live in LA, so go figure. I will come back around soon, it will be hard to forget.

  5. Cynthia, I tend to get asked the same few questions when I am introduced:
    'Are you Greek?' (no)
    'Were your parents Deadheads?' (no)
    Or I get, 'girl you the wrong color for that name!'
    Or, 'My great Auntie was named Althea.'
    I absolutely had to grow into my name, and am now immensely grateful for it. Thanks for adding another Althea to the world!
    Mags:IT IS SO MY NEW FAVORITE. Erica threw one into a bowl on our table @ training and my nose was SO HAPPY. Love it.

  6. You just won the cutest pair of sunglasses EVAAAAAAR. Email me your info and we'll get you sorted, mama. rebeccawoolf at gmail. xoxoxo!

  7. I just found your blog (from Girls gone child, congrats on winning!) and am lovin it.

    Gunna go read more now!