Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I wouldn't say I am freaking out over gifts or anything like that. I am going to try and keep family drama AWAY this year. heh. 

Yesterday something terrible happened. Milo lost his woo woo robot. 
This one. Shortly after this photo was taken we went to Target. And now it is gone. I feel SO BAD. He's been asking for it so I know he doesn't get that he left it at Target. 
I know that I'm responsible, but it is kind of hard to grocery shop and keep an eye on him at the same time-since he asks to walk EVERY time and doesn't want to ride in the cart. 

Can you tell I am kinda proud of my ripped arms?
Yesterday before the ill-fated Target trip.
 Purpley dress thing from some clearance rack. 
Old Navy Tank
Joes Jeans that are SO DYING. 
Warm vest from Kohls

 I SO thought my basil plant was deadski. 
But I think the chives are slowly biting the dust. We'll see how these make it through the winter. 


  1. Losing the woo woo is clearly NOT your fault. Those kinds of things hook up with all the missing laundry socks and laugh at us. Your arms and herbs look great. Brag about the one and trim the other. I am with you on the no drama zone.

  2. I would be proud of those arms too! And I know how you feel about the Target trip. My oldest is so independent, its hard to keep track of him AND his stuff while shopping.