Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last night was ... how do I say this diplomatically...suck. Kind of. 
Lots and lots AND LOTS of constructive criticism. I took it in. I didn't break a tear until I got home, and even then it was only for a SECOND. 
The vodka helped. 
Today I have nothing planned but dinner at my bestie's, which is always very relaxing. I plan to stay in my jammies until naptime, then I plan on either having a nap or a bath. 
Or a nap IN the bath. 
This is a reason to love my job. Which I do. They send us stuff!
oh oh OH!!!!!
last night was the night of cool coats. Everyone had on cute coats. NOYCE. 
AND!!!! I saw...okay...I have wanted pink hair for awhile. Like, pretty much since high school. And now that I am a SAHM in the freaking SUBURBS, I feel a distinct desire to NOT look like a SAHM that lives in the freaking SUBURBS. 
There was a girl in last night who had hair VERY similar to mine (except long, boo hoo I WANT LONG HAIR) and she used Hot Hot Pink by Manic Panic. She was totally adorable and I told her that I seriously might scalp her. Yeah, i say weird shit to my custies sometimes. Its my thing. 
Don't worry Dana, I will wait until AFTER THE WEDDING. 


  1. Pink-edy Pink! Go for it, Sweetie! Somebody must sell pink extensions so you can 'speriment. Also, I wish you would edit down your bloggity reading list. Some of these gals haven't posted in months and this old gal has a devil of a time remembering which is which. Thinking of doing the 30 outfit thang. That would be rich! Piles of old tee shirts, piles of old pants, and lots of headbands! In fact I am doing a tribute to Mondo for you!!!

  2. I have had pink hair twice and I loved it! You should go for it!

  3. came across your blog thru GGC and this post struck a cord! specifically the "I feel a distinct desire to NOT look like a SAHM that lives in the freaking SUBURBS." sigh. if it's any consolation i would not have pegged you as a SAHM from what i've seen so far! keep on keeping on.