Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breathe. Step. Continue.

I tried to watch The Runaways last night, but the husb and I were both pretty tired. 
I think I got about halfway through it. Gotta took me a second to believe Dakota Fanning as a badass. But I got there, eventually. 
Now I want to listen to the Runaways. Because chicks rule. 

Some crazy sheeeyit mom and I are both working on Mondo tributes because we think he got ROBBED. 
DAMN YOU WHATSERFACE** (the judge that isn't Heidi or Michael, her name escapes me because she SUCKS)!!!!!!

Busy day today. Just bloggin to blog. 
To all my new bloggy pals...thanks for the love. You make me smile. 

**nina garcia. I like to call her...horseface...


  1. I watched this movie a couple of months back. I actually liked it. It was interesting to see Dakota Fanning play something other than an adorable little girl, although it did take getting used to. I did not enjoy Kristen Stewart's mullet though, lol.