Friday, November 12, 2010

Hope This Invokes Giggles

A woman comes into my shop last night. She's got 2 grandsons with her, one in a stroller, kind of fussy. Another about age 6 or 7, behaving well. 
The woman comes up to me-she's got dark hair and eyes and is wearing a wildly patterned shirt. I peg her as a cool lady. 

She leans in, 'I have a question for you.'
Me: 'I have an answer. Hit me...'
She: 'These soaps...are, how do I say this (puts her hands to her mouth in thought)...can you...aaahhh...'
Me: 'Just spit it out. You won't offend me. I'm here to help.'
She: 'Are they safe...for the ...ah...VAGINA?'
Me:'(total straight face) Well, yes...but you need to use common sense. You wouldn't use a soap called SANDSTONE (that has sand IN IT) to wash your girly bits, now would you?'

Highlight of the evening. 


  1. Oh gosh. Definitely giggled. : D

  2. Truly giggling out loud and SO glad you had a good evening!