Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Goals?

There a a few blogs that are doing the 30 for 30 thing, which I doubt I will do, only because I don't think my closet reflects my lifestyle. 
Meaning, I have too much stuff that I deem too precious to risk destruction of. At the hands of the Mr. Baby here.
Kristin at Pommes Frites has some November goals. That sounds a little more do-able. 
And E (who is adorable) is doing 30 days of Gratitude. 
my November goals:
To work out more often than not
To keep up on laundry
To get Christmas shopping under way, possibly finished

I am sure there's more, but right now I just need coffee from my Keurig, FOR WHICH I AM TRULY GRATEFUL!
You like that? Thought you might. 
My Toms on my sister's lawn.  I am also grateful for red shoes. 


  1. I am all for November goals - I plan on blogging every day and working out more often than not as well - kick ass, girlie, I know you can!!