Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy, HAPPY! Cry.

Good stuff:
Girl About Town Lipstick by MAC
My two new Knot Wraps from work
Kisses and hugs from my two favorite guys

Not-so-good stuff:
Corrective action well after the fact 
Complete and utter lack of me time 

That's all for now. I am still trying to come up with a creative post that showcases my writing 'talent' , but I have filth and cellulite to deal with. 
Trying to stay positive. 


  1. Aw! I feel ya. Right now I'm...

    Good Stuff: Having fun plans on weekends with people I love.
    Bad Stuff: Having too much work to do, not enough time, and feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

    -le sigh-

    My grandma always used to say "this too shall pass."

  2. It will it will, thank you for reminding me :)