Thursday, December 2, 2010


I do NOT see well without a visual aid of some kind. Usually glasses or contacts, with the occasional monocle. Or my hands held up in front like binocs.

ANYHOO. I'm doin' the lotion after shower thing. I've been recently applying said lotion to my feetal areas as well. So, if you start at the feet and work your way up; and if your bathroom rug has a flat weave and crap on it...said crap will stick to your feet and hands when applying said lotion. 

(don't get me wrong here, my bathroom isn't GROSS, but there's the inevitable minuscule crap on the floor)

aNYHOO. I'm doin' the after-shower lotion thing - and I'm wiping the minuscule crap onto a hand towel (that I will WASH) and, in my blindness, I see...

a friggen piece of tinsel from the obnoxious pink wreath. that is DOWNstairs on the FRONT door. 


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  1. That's to be expected now abouts. Yesterday at school they were selling wreaths and garland. Sale was over at 3pm. I was in the area at 10pm. Guess who had pine needles stuck in her socks? Merry Freakin' Christmas!!