Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On The Way Home

We left our friends in the Dells and headed home last Wednesday. Mr. Smith had seen a billboard for some restaurant where your food is brought to you by a train. 
Now-this is just the sort of thing that my former self would have dismissed as cheesy. Unless I went in there with a girlfriend and drank a lot of beer. 

I am no longer my former self. 

This was the coolest damn place ever. They have homemade POP, dudes!!!! And not just root beer! Grape AND ORANGE too!!!!!
The interior of the place was incredible. Taxidermied prairie animals, cowboy boots, FAKE COWBOYS...antler chandeliers, soaring log ceilings...it was dope. 
No, I didn't take any photos of these beautiful things. 
waiting for the train
There were so very many interesting things on the walls. I enjoyed the illustrated lists of the illustrious folks that had attended Wild Bill's show. Like...HRH the Queen of England. 
I friggen love cowboys. So badass. 
here it comes!!!!

it brought us HATS

and waffle fries!

and...and BUBBLES!!!!!!

holy shit greatest time EVER!!!!

the train was stopped by some little kid that kept trying to eat the bubbles. pretty hilar. 

our sweet server kept trying to get a photo of us with the train

I like her facial expression. Cowgirls are the dopest. 
So...this place. Love it. The food was great-their barbecue sauces especially. Mr. Smith had this crazy burger with pulled pork and bacon ON IT...incredible. 
And now I have to go work out because I have literally put back on all the weight I lost. 
The cookies are going somewhere else today. NOT in my tummy. I need to STOP listening to the voice in my head that says, 'Have a cookie.'

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  1. that sounds awesome. i need to check it out