Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I Thought

....and what really happened were two entirely different things...
I stopped into my favorite thrift store to find a something for my bestie's Christmas gift. In this particular shop you have to walk past the shoes to get to housewares. (thrift store housewares are my favorite. more so than clothes, i think)
I never really look too closely at the shoes, mostly because most of them SUCK at that particular shop-Wings on Higgins in Schaumburg if anyone wants to hit it up. 
But this time I saw these:

And I knew they were special. My initial thoughts were: 'Those look cool, nice stitching. I might be able to wear those to work.'
Then as I got closer I noticed the bumped-up toe and the heart-shaped heel. 
Could they be?
Yes-they were John Fluevog boots in VERY near-mint condition. 
I tried them on quickly. I crammed my foot in, thinking that if they didn't fit, I would either give them as a Christmas gift or sell them. 
Well,they do not fit (me or any of the gals I would've gifted these to), and my hopes of selling these for some large-ish profit (I am a greedy person, let's be honest)
are somewhat dashed by the shitty economy. 
And selling them for a teeny profit only makes me have to think about what my time is worth and that just makes me depressed. 
Check out these Etsy shops! These people know how much their time is worth!
If I could afford a number of these wigs, I would be ALL OVER THAT. 
Saw these at Renegade. GIFTS!!!
And my mommy's shop-of course. 

Have a sweet-ass day, interweb friends. Pray that I can fix my sewing machine by myself today. 

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  1. what size are the boots??? Do they wanna fit ME!?!?!