Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas...

blah blah blah blah blaaaahhhh...tell me what you'll bring to me...tell me if you caaaaan...

well....I will bring you a fat kitty, a Lightning McQueen pillow, and other joyful material things...


All the pics from Christmas morning are blurry. Motion. 

There was candy in there!!!!

Santa and Mommy and Daddy were very generous to the little one. 
At the risk of sounding cliche; celebrating Christmas with a little kid of your own is just out of this fuckin world. I mean....I LOVE gifts. LOVE THEM. Love to give them, love to get them...pretty sure they are my love language. 
And seeing the fruit of my loins (haha) beam with joy at the badass stuff he got makes my heart explode. With EMOTION. 
This particular Christmas didn't feel too Christian,  and for that I am a little regretful. I worked A LOT this holiday season-well a lot for me. And I think I felt like there was no time for church, or I was just too damn exhausted to go. As the matriarch of my family, I want to incorporate the actual reason behind the season. 
Hm, maybe I should find a way to incorporate the Yule traditions as well. Yeah-I celebrate Christ's birth (wooo!!!) but there are OTHER reasons for the holiday too...
The all-too-reflecty part of me is  now making the effort to use the generosity. The gifts...
Like...does anyone need anything hot glued? Cause I TOTALLY got a hot glue gun for Christmas. 

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