Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Pre-Christmas Getaway

The last real vacation that the Mr. and I took was to Punta Cana before we were married. 
This year we got a chance to go to an indoor waterpark and resort with my bestie and her family. 
They are like family to us,we love them. And I THINK they love us. 
SO...we stayed at Kalahari Resort in the Dells. I really have to say that they do it up rather nicely. The theme of the resort is 'African Safari', which is different. They had tiger cubs in the lobby (which I am pretty morally opposed to, but I don't know the whole story), African fabric on the walls, and a giant elephant over the fireplace. 
I am a bad blogger and do not have photos of any of this. I really just wanted to relax and have fun with my family. Go look on the website. 
In addition to the indoor water park, the resort had go-karts, a ropes course, a ferris wheel AND an arcade. 
The Frenches tried the ropes course. Not as easy as it looks. 
I did not try the ropes course, even though I said I would. Big liar. 
I swear I thought I took more photos, but I totally didn't. Bah. 
We even had a grownups night where I got to wear high heels! We left the kids up in the room and went for dinner and drinks. THEN the ADULTS got to play in the water park! We went on water slides with our spouses and then sank into the hot tub. UH MAZ ING.
Milo was not such a huge fan of the water. Granted it was really loud and big in there. We took him on the lazy river and he screamed the ENTIRE time. AH well. There's always next year :)
The view out my window. Farmland. Snow. Mostly flat. That's Wisconsin.

My driver. 

We are licensed to carry living cargo. 

Milo and this little girl spoke the same language. This photo was taken inside the only game I got into at the arcade. You swam around and shot those guns at sea creatures. I totally WASTED the Kraken! YEAH! Woo woooo!!!

Mr. Smith REALLY got into this racecar game. He looks all concentratey in all the photos I got. Milo is actually not watching the cars on the TRACK, he is watching the screen displaying the cars on the track. 

Speaking of Milo, he is calling for me. I KNOW that he has the ability to get out of that crib. He just won't. I think he's a little more cautious than he lets on.
I also have to go do some sort of fitness DVD because I SO have not been disciplined this week. There will be more fun anecdotes and adorable photographs to come. 
Just what brings you here...heh heh. Heh. 

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