Tuesday, December 7, 2010

These Days

Pretend Nico just sang that title melancholily into your ear. 

I found the most incredible noodles yesterday, look:

Long fusilli (which always makes me think of Kramer) with this incredibly sad girl on the bag. 
Sad, or her legs cramped up from squatting behind those tomatoes?

Oh yeah, AND...
The Smiths are going on vacation!!!
Not right NOW. But soon. And to a waterpark! In the winter! 
I have wanted to do that since I moved to MN and would drive past the Dells on my trips home. 


  1. I can't begin to describe the jealousy that I harbor over the fact that you can refer to your family as The Smiths. Seriously.

  2. I thought of Joy Division's "These Days", before you mentioned Nico. <3 you lady...

  3. Oooooh, and I love the long fusili! I haven't used it, only the short kind. That girl is super cute, and congrats on the waterpark adventure.

  4. Amanda, I SO wanted to sign my Christmas cards as 'The Smiths' but I doubt the majority of my extended family would get it.

    OH WHITNEY!!! I am totally making it tonight. I had never even SEEN long fusili before so I was all UP on it when I saw it.

  5. Those are so trippy looking noodles, lol.

  6. noodles look good. are you going to the dells?? can i crash the party?!?!?!