Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wanty, and Havesie

Don't get me wrong, I am trying to go as handmade as possible this year, but I really think I could have these. Size 9 please. They are on sale online for WAY cheaper than in the store. 

I can say these things because I know that you aren't all going to rush out and buy these boots, thus making them unattainable for me. 


NARS Cosmetics are some of my favorite things. They just do color SO WELL. 
Their Orgasm blush is truly an amazing thing. I've had mine for a million years (gross?) and will SO replace it if it ever becomes depleted. 
A dear friend gave me an early Chrimas (that's what she calls it) present of NARS Nail polish in Schiap. It is the pinkest of shocking pink pinksersons.
Yes. If I had cute hands or fingers I would snap a photo, but you can just Google it because I have ugly hands. 

Now I am going to go try and attempt to hope to half-assedly do something to get it crossed off my to do list. 

Keeping my expectations LOW. 

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  1. I have those boots and LOVE them. I bought them on sale in the store for $39 - the best purchase ever!!