Friday, March 16, 2012

Anatomy of a Morning

5:30 A.M.: Hubby's alarm begins beeping quietly, then louder. And faster. And louder. Kick hubby gently, as he only wakes/hits snooze when alarm is at its loud fastest. Alarm is meant to hold and play an iPod, but the dock is dusty.

5:something after that A.M.: Small rambunctious child barrels into my bed. He claims he wants to snuggle but this is a lie. What he wants to do is bash his head into mine and beat me with his limbs. And breathe his stinky morning breath in my face. 

6:04 A.M.: Roll over and try to protect myself from the 'snuggles'. Small rambunctious child wanders into bathroom to tell Daddy that he likes his outfit. 

6:06 A.M.: Force myself into awake. It is painful. 

6:09 A.M.: Fling covers off my body and go get my robe. 
Go downstairs. Make coffee. Start toasting some bread. 

6:15 A.M.: Kiss husband goodbye. Wish him a nice day. Put on a Ghostbusters DVD for small rambunctious child because I need to drink coffee. Finish making toast. 

6:18 A.M.: Check Blogger while drinking coffee and eating peanut butter toast. Consider writing a post after being inspired by blogs I follow. 

6:something else: Shake small rambunctious child off my right arm.

(somehow 45 minutes passes)

7:02 A.M.: go snuggle with small not-so-rambuctious child on couch and consider to-do list for the day. 

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