Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Party!!!

This past weekend was action-packed!
On Saturday we had Milo's kid party at Chuck E. Cheese, and the family party at home two hours later. 
A long day, but none of it felt like work. We were surrounded with kind friends and family who love us and wish us well. 
One of the many games we played. My bestie's daughter (the cute ginger in the photo wit us) came along because she's helpful like that. We love us some Caroline!!!

CEC does a pretty awesome party. Chuck E. came out and sang to the birthday kids. Milo was psyched. 

I think he was doing the robot here. 

Milo got an inflatable crown with tokens stuck in it! How cool is that?! And a medal, which he held onto most of the day. He kept holding it up like Garth and Wayne did with their Alice Cooper backstage passes. 

So...Milo and Brian went into the ticket blast thing to grab tickets. You're basically encased in a plastic bubble with about a million tickets blowing around. And you're supposed to grab as many as you can. While five thousand little children stare and you and one annoying dad (not with our group) sreams, 'STEP ON THE MILLION TICKET ONE!!!! STEP ON IT!!!!'
But Milo did get a bunch of tickets stuck in his crown. WORD!

Chuck E. Cheese balloon, what? Milo kept trash talking it and pushing it around. 
It was a great party! I got more photos, but they include some of the other attendees, and as they are 4 years old, I'm not going to be posting their photos online. 
Today Milo's class is going to Petland to continue their 'Pet Week' , and I am going along. After that I need to pick up Brian's suit from the dry cleaner's and figure out what to do with the rest of the beef carnitas I made on Saturday. 

More photos to come tomorrow. I've got to leave you wanting SOMETHING, right?!
As a side note, we attended a service at Harvest Bible Chapel Lake Zurich yesterday, and as always, the message was one I needed to hear. A difficult one, but just the one I needed (and will likely continue to need). 

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