Monday, March 5, 2012


Once upon a time I was having a conversation with my husband about hair...or something like that. husband RARELY expresses preferences regarding my hair. He is NOT one of those men who need their women to have long hair. So when he expresses a preference, I do my best to accommodate him.
And here is where we encounter a problem (and return to aforementioned conversation). He told me that he had no idea what my natural hair color was. I confessed that neither did I. I also informed him that MOST women color their hair. I believe my words were,
'You ask five married men what their wives' natural hair color is, and I bet you money at least four of them won't know.'

I have been coloring my hair since 7th grade. Why? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words:

See that? Yep, that's old dye at the bottom and my natural color (I call is BLAH, as it is neither blonde nor brown) at the roots. 
Its ugly and I hate it . 
But I am pregnant and broke... what to do?


  1. I think it is the curse of our family to have "blah" haircolor. I color mine all the time and sometimes think I should take a break...then I do...then I am sad.

    You look great!

  2. You're so sweet... thank you...I'm glad I'm not alone!!!