Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brain Dump

Two separate units in my building contain yappy dogs. They bark at me EVERY time I walk in, as though I am going to kidnap and torture their masters. Its super annoying. 

Today I told my son that he could bark back. He happily obliged. I'm sick of trying to make him be quiet in the common area (out of courtesy to our neighbors) while these dogs bark at me like I'm an intruder. 

Whomever decided to put sea salt and chocolate together is a fucking genius. 

'Thank you for supporting Goodwill, and have a nice day.' is a fantastic sentence. 

Pregnancy causes my skin to rebel against me. Irritation, dryness and funk. It blows. 

Social networking is kind of stupid. 

I started writing a poem in my head the other night while I was trying to fall asleep. It was a sad poem, and I don't remember it. But I think it was well written. 

I miss being excited to go to work. Perhaps its the cyclical nature of life, or maybe I don't have a long attention span when it comes to a 'career'. But I dread it now. I've met fantastic people whom I am now honored to call friends. 
I have also met people whom I once thought were fantastic until their inner asshole came out and raised its ugly head. 

Parenting is extremely challenging. If you are reading this and your parents are still alive, you should thank them. They did their best and didn't mean to fuck you up. 

I am not sad. 


  1. I think that you are awesome!

    Let him bark! Enjoy your chocolate and remember why you used to like work...maybe it will make you smile.

  2. Being excited about work is kind of like being excited about driving a car, in the beginning its fun and then it changes into just a thing you have to do :(

    Being a parent is hard work. You do the best you can and then kids do what they want anyway. Funny, they have a tendency to grow up no matter what we do. Have fun while they're little, it goes by way to fast.