Friday, March 30, 2012


I think I should find a way to hook up an IV line of saline so I can stay hydrated. My skin is super dry, I crave salt constantly and my lips are chapped-wtf.

I should just stay in the bathroom, since I'm peeing constantly...


Some recent developments:

My son is now waking during the night and attempting to come sleep in our bed. I wouldn't mind this if he were having nightmares, but I don't think he is. Last night we had a discussion about it, and he expected to be walked back into his room instead of being allowed to sleep (kick, snore, disturb) with us. I do love being physically close to my snugglemonster, but mommy needs her sleep. I can't sleep with a belly AND a collection of limbs and breath all up in my face. 

Last night I only needed to take him back to his room twice. Perhaps the Lord is preparing me for the wakeful nights with an infant. Or just trying to convince me that consecutive hours of sleep are for wimps. 

My DH has accepted a new job! This is a total and complete answer to prayer. God works in such...WAYS. We had been praying and hoping and waiting for a change for years...he would go on interviews...nothing...and then, within a week...three opportunities. I am so happy for this development that I could weep. Hopefully he will now be more fulfilled in this new position. 

And, last but not least...




With the help of my generous in-laws, the DH's generous boss (for allowing him to take some vacation time), and an amazing offer from Disney...we are totally going. 

I am getting more excited by the day. The last non-family trip we took was a long pre-Christmas weekend at a water park with some dear friends. 

That's about it. Now the kid and I are headed to Target for weekend supplies. 

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