Monday, January 9, 2012

Back To Facebookin

It was a nice break!
I don't plan to access it on my phone, and I will do my best to keep it to once or twice a week. 

I'm basically reactivating my account so I can find the two badass couples that the husb and I spent Saturday evening with. 

We attended a wedding of two particularly delightful people. During the ceremony , I leaned to DH and whispered, 'do you recognize ANYONE?'
With the exception of the groom, the bride and the groom's family, the answer was no.
Being pregnant, I had to pee immediately after the short Lutheran ceremony (sidenote, while I am not Lutheran, I must say that their churches are astoundingly beautiful. Modern and By the time I returned, DH had recognized old pals from college. Intellectual and hilarious, we got along famously. While they all enjoyed the semi-open bar, I remained sober and participated in the analysis of the wedding music.

Semi-related thought: Am I a hipster?

Saturday night was the second time in a week that someone had called me one. This, after nearly 29 years of not being called anything but my own name. 
The first time, I denied it, because the girl who called me one is only 23. And she said I was one because I played the Black Keys while we were closing together.
The second time, I denied it, because the reason behind it was that I named two semi-obscure musical references at the afore-mentioned wedding. My defense was that I do not own any skinny jeans. The reply was, "...that you KNOW OF..."
Which was pretty hilarious. 
I considered myself too old, too fat and too much of a married mother to be a hip ANYTHING, really. It took me until today to Google it.
Shit...they might be right...
Your thoughts?


  1. You were hipster before hipster was cool. I only didn't mention it because i thought you already knew. Oh, and I've called you plenty of things besides 'Althea' over the years - even to your face sometimes.

  2. You are once again correct...and really hilarious.