Friday, January 20, 2012

TOMS and Passport

I really must commend the customer service team at TOMS shoes. I didn't have high hopes for a shoe replacement, as I didn't have the original packaging and the purchase had been made months months ago. 
I sent them an email and some photos of my falling-apart shoes and they are sending me a replacement pair, in a better size, fabric, and color! My standards for customer service are pretty high, and I am totally impressed with the way I was treated. I give them high marks. I don't even have to send the old shoes back. Color me impressed. Impressed is a sparkly red, I think...

On a work store won our holiday contest!!!! We kicked ASS and the staff won a trip to Vancouver to work in the factory for a week! That means I get my own special little face sticker!!! I get to make stuff! Like bath bombs and soap and shit!!!! I get to meet the people who make the stuff I sell. 

That is...if my passport gets through in time. I have a valid passport, but it is in my maiden name-BOO....
If the expedited process goes as it should, I will come in just under the wire to go on this trip. Good vibes and thoughts and prayers are all appreciated. 

And firsty first first video!!! Please ignore my noisy kid (he was on the potty) and my unmade bed. Or don't...

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