Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Time Gone

And I've not abandoned you, dear little interwebs space...

I have some really wonderful excuses and anecdotes, if you're interested in hearing them. 

Here's my life so far:

Sinus issues while pregnant are the WORST. There are few medications that will provide relief. 

We are in the process of a short sale on our townhouse. Yes, STILL. Last night it was decided that I need to begin the pre-packing organization, because we don't know when it will go through. And when it does, we might have a mere 2 weeks to get the f OUT. 

And it just so happens that I will be leaving my family for a week during the beginning of February. First time I've traveled alone since well before I was married and a mother. I am going to try very hard not to cry in front of the kiddo. Or right now thinking about it. 

Hence the need for such a thing as pre-packing organization. I shudder at the thought. This will require coffee and a way to entertain kid while I tackle the shithole that is our master bedroom closet. Or any of our closets, really. I am horribly disorganized. If I could wake up with a super power tomorrow, it would be to become and gain joy from organization.

(the truth is that while I long for it, I don't give a shit about it enough to actually put things back where they belong)

I know it drives my DH insane in tiny increments. And he still loves me. He's contractually obligated to. 

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  1. Hey, remember they time we packed up my whole apartment in a weekend... Then repacked everything two months later in another weekend so we could move to Colorado? Good times.