Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Do I Love...

Having a few moments to myself with which to browse the Anthro website:
I don't plan on buying any more maternity clothes, BUT if I did-these are a few things I would shamelessly purchase for myself.

To wear with leggings

I feel as though the openwork on the bottom would act as air conditioning in the summer. 

Dolman sleeves to cover my upper arm flab , extra fabric for my soon-to-be-large belly and a longish length to wear (you guessed it) OVER LEGGINGS

I would pretend this is a version of tuxedo tails, when really I am glad it would cover any embarrassing buttcrack.

Yay for uneven hemlines!
Images all sourced from

Also-I have an old diaper bag from 1154 Lill that I designed (thatnk you FIFCO friends), and a Baby Bjorn backpack both leftover from Milo...
I REALLY like this one. It looks slightly Gucci.
And it is a dream of mine to own a bag like this:
pssssst...never gonna happen....but I can dream...le sigh.

It is on my Amazon wish list-along with many other way-too-damn-expensive things. 
Today I saw a very nice woman who has some letters after her name and the qualifications to help me not be an anxious, frustrated mess. She referred me to another woman with letters after her name who is also a strong Christian. 
I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for this. 
I was also recommended acupuncture. Let's hope that my HMO will cover it. Or I can find some back alley doc who is willing to do it in return for cupcakes and/or sourdough bread.
Many oodles of thanks to my dear brother-in-law for coming over (with his baby) to watch my kiddo.
Thanks, Lil Brudder. 
The end. 

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  1. Professional words of wisdom and (even pretend) cyber shopping both goin the plus columnn.