Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This entry has a theme!!!
Yesterday I took the kid to the dentist to smooth a small chip in one of his front teeth. The office is nearby my in-law's, and my MIL was home for the day babysitting my darling nephew. (he really is darling-probably the smiliest baby I have ever seen-and he LOVES my kid). I offered to bring her lunch, and she invited us over to eat and play with the baby. She also suggested that I go to a nearby store in the mall to get kiddo a winter jacket for next year, as they were on CRAZY sale (like, she got him a $110 jacket that ended up costing $30. wow). She also (knowing my love of tall boots) told me to look at the sale boots so that I could potentially select my early birthday gift. 
WHOO HOO!!!!!!
So, I got these:
image source
DH thinks they look like hooker boots. I disagree and am trembling with excitement at wearing them. I've wanted boots from this brand FOREVER (well, since my bestie got some) and could never afford them. They were on crazy sale too. 
SO....YAY!!! and... THANKS!!!!!!!

Now to the weirdness:

My DH gets up rather early for work. He does this so that he can be HOME early enough for me to go to work - on the nights I do that sort of thing. 
Generally I poke him in the back when his alarm goes off; as I am awakened and alert by the second BEEPBEEP, and it takes him until full volume to move. 
I usually fall back asleep until the kid comes into my room to inform me that it is day and I need to get up. The down time usually lasts anywhere from a half-hour to one full hour.
My dreams during this time are rather vivid. This morning was particularly disturbing and quite real.
I was standing in my master bathroom with a large sharp hunting knife in my right hand. I was fit and muscular (which is how I knew it was a dream, haha) in a black tank top. I had used the knife to cut small lines around my left forearm and bicep, as a sort of tribal decoration. They had scabbed over and didn't hurt. I began to 'decorate' my right arm with my left hand. 
The next thing I knew, I had a deep cut in my right palm. This one hurt and I could not stem the flow. I could feel the roughness of the washcloth as I pressed it against my palm, and I could feel the door as someone tried to come in-opening the door against my body weight. I concentrated and got the wound bandaged.
Then the kid woke me up. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light he had turned on, but I ran my left fingers over my right palm and felt nothing but smooth skin.
I hate when dreams stay with you upon waking. This entry is my attempt at purging that memory. By....making all you people read about it. Hah. 

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