Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This and That

Since having my spawn, my beauty routine has been pared down dramatically on the days it is not completely nonexistent.

I have no time or patience for shitty products. 

To that end, please do not ever buy this mascara, however much you may love Gwen Stefani (who is their spokesmodel):
It clumps, it flakes and it makes me angry.

Buy this one instead:
In black, of course. Brown mascara is for weenies. This one separates, defines and makes me happy. 

Now we move from lashes to feet.

Do not ever buy these:
Yes, the madras plaid on the inside is adorable. Yes, you THINK that burlap would make for a much more durable shoe than canvas...but you would be wrong and your shoes would have holes in them after a month of wear. 

You are welcome. I'll post some photos of human beings eventually. 

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