Saturday, July 3, 2010

An exciting Saturday

We did lots of things. And lots of things happened!!!
I will add photos later. 
Milo saw his first parade.
He wasn't really into it. More the memory of it, apparently. We had a conversation about it in the car on the way home just now. 

Mr. Smith was very romantical and brought me a rose from a flower truck that was in the parade. People were handing them out, but my man went and grabbed one off a moving van! Brave, I tell ya...

Caroline was a baton-twirly girl. We went to cheer her on! 
Then we went to Ribfest in Naperville with the Frenches. They are truly friends that have become family.

We ate some ribs. Milo did not. He ate peanut butter cracker sandwiches and ice cream and drank lemonade. 
Mr. Smith took a photo of this beetle on Milo's head. Milo was really into his lemonade. Didn't notice the beetle. 
Some of the ribs were AH-MAZ-ING. Really impressive. But I did try some that I thought were REALLY LAME. 
Milo played in the scrubbing bubbles tent. They had a scrubbing bubble mascot named Scrubby. They also had bubble blowing machines. I apparently now need to go get one, because Milo played in those darn bubbles for 20 minutes. 
The folks manning (womanning?) the tent were super-nice and told me Milo was cute a bunch of times. 
You wanna win me over, tell me my son is cute and mean it. 
They made me want to go buy those scrubbing bubbles with their fancy new sprayer. Plus they gave me coupons! Lots. So if you want one tell me.
 Waiting for the bus. Hey Mr. Driverman, why so slow? I've got somewhere I've gotta go...that damn city bus...moves so slow...
It wasn't a city bus,it was a school bus that was being used as a shuttle, and it was pretty timely; but waiting for busses makes me sing Violent Femmes sometimes. Please ignore my gut in this photo. Thanks. 

We walked around in the sun, found a was pretty pitch-perfect. 
Except that my stupid, white, very white stupid ass forgot to reapply my natural Lush sunscreen and I got em-effing BURNT. Not 'oh ow i burned my hand for a second on that hot plate'.
No, that isn't a tank top strap. That is my skin. Doesn't my hair look nice? Twas in bobby pins all day. And no, that isn't a prehistoric worm on my mirror, it is just dusty. 

Burnt. Ears, scalp, shoulders, forehead, top of back. 
It isn't really anything I've never had to deal with before, but that crispy scalp and ears...dang. Whew. Its been awhile. 
After Rib Fest we split up so the boys could go to Wiffle and the girls and Milo could go recharge at my house before going to see the boys Wiffle. 
We were hoping Milo would take a nap. He did not.
 Caroline wanted to lie down on the floor in his room. Thinking he was wiped out and would fall asleep right away, I agreed. 
WRONG, Althea!!!!!
Ohso wrong. He threw all the stuff in his crib at Caroline. In a friendly manner, of course. Milo loves her. 
Blah blah blah I made them eggs and they ate them and we left to go to the Wiffleball field. More on the Wiffleball field  another time. 
OH the stories about the Wiffleball field!
Moving on. I wasn't planning on staying long-it was already almost 7 pm and I knew Milo would eventually just FINISH and I was hoping to get him home before he totally crashed. 
Well, I did. But not before the kid manages to throw handfuls of mulch-FRESH MULCH, MIND YOU-over his head. Gravity being what it is, it all settled rather nicely in his babyfine, very blonde hair. 
Kid hates having his hair washed, and I knew I couldn't fake it this pouring soapy water over and calling it clean. 
No, I had to do the lie-back-Mommy-will-hold-you-ohpleaseholdstillineedtokidascrubyourheadyouarecryingalotI'msorryalmostdoneALLLLLDONE!
He cried. 
But now he is sleeping soundly, Mr. Smith is going to hang out late at the field and all I am going to do is empty and reload the dishwasher, make myself a drink and chill. 
And by 'chill', I mean try to rub aloe lotion into the front of my scalp. Pretty sure that's going to look amazing. 

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  1. I love these photos! Looks like you guys had a nice time!