Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybe a Bummer, but With Less Cursing

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Althea...(my mommy taught me that was the best way to begin a story)
...and she went to an overcrowded high school in Round Lake that she hated. But there were a few bright spots in the four years she spent there. One of them was a bright bubbly blonde girl with a wide smile. Occasionally Althea would share an orange or a salad, or some french fries with her, and this blonde girl would always save a seat for her in the cafeteria every day. During freshman and sophomore year, this act of kindness didn't go unnoticed. Formative teen years and all, Althea always remembered this girl. 

As the years went by, people moved away and moved back. They got married and had babies and worked at TGIFriday's and lived and loved and hated and screwed and cried, laughed, wept...
Then Facebook brought us all back together. Althea honestly never thought she would see those RLHS people again. Most of them she was glad to interact with. Some she was confused by-why would a person she never talked to ten years ago want to 'friend' her now?

The best part was seeing who married whom. Quite a few of her schoolmates married each other-that she knew of...
This blonde girl married a tall, skinny, quiet one. At least...Althea knew him vaguely as the tall, quiet, skinny, brilliant one. People do change...Althea was happy that these two sweethearts stayed with each other. It speaks to love very pure and very true. It warms the cockles of Althea's cold black heart. 

This blonde girl (who is now a woman), and this brilliant boy (who is now a man) had two babies, both boys. One just a little while ago. 
This new baby is sick. 
This makes Althea sadder than most things do. 
Althea's parents lost their very first baby together. Not lost like she lost her stupid keys yesterday. Lost as in dead. As in born prematurely and died. 
Althea's mommy and daddy never lied to her about this baby. She always knew that they were VERY sad when she (was a girl) died and when Althea was born they were VERY happy. And that is why they named Althea Althea. 
switching back to first person now. this third person garbage is tough. 
I've always thought about that sister. The one I will someday meet in Heaven. For some reason I think she will have a round face and long black hair. I have had these thoughts as long as I can remember. In a way, I think maybe I grew up with her. 
This family now, this one with the sick baby, is hurting. They have been called upon to endure (what I consider to be) the most painful, agonizing, heart-and-soul-wrenching situation known to humankind.
To not know. To not be able to help or comfort or fix their baby. 
I'd imagine their suffering is immense. I can only hope that they have faith in God. In miracles. 
Hug your families a little closer and harder. Right now, if you can. And however you speak to your higher being, say a few words for this teeny person you don't even know. His name is Jacob, and he needs a miracle. 
You can bet your ass I'm asking my God for one. 

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  1. I always think of her with black hair, too. And you did grow up with her. All three of you did. She is the reason you all are here. I see from a later post that the news about little Jacob is not what a mommy might have wished for. My version of prayer is certainly with them. God is big. Heaven has room for all the babies. They watch us and smile.