Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh such a wedding!!!

My middle sister got married this past Saturday...I'll just post photos and say that it was amazing and beautiful. 
My mom made the centerpieces, aren't they cute? The glass cups had sayings printed on them. 
This is my cousin Spencer and Milo playing cars. Milo LOVES Spencer-who has the sweetest, kindest soul ever. 

Grama Billeck, the matriarch of my maternal side of the family. It is a big family. 

My dad and my Uncle Duck-he's my mom's little brother. But as you can see, he is not little at all. He is in fact really big and intimidating if you don't know him. He gives really good hugs. 

My baby sister. Isn't she STUNNING??????? I tried to edit out the limo driver behind her. I didn't do such a great job, but hey...what are you gonna do?
We arrived and waited in the limo for everyone to be ready (or something) for us. This is my sister Megan (the bride, obviously) and our dad. 

That's the bride (I wanted to show her train)and our parents. 

The ceremony, performed by Justin's (the groom) sister Heather. Short and sweet, which was good because it was nine million degrees in the sun. 
I am not joking. It felt like Dubai. I have never been to Dubai and it is probably WAY HOTTER there. But still. Damn, it was HOT. 

The bridal party. My eyes are closed because I was PRAYING, okay?!
wow, it kind of looks like I have a butt. NICE!

The happy couple. 

Mom and Megan. Could have cropped this...gah. 

This is what my Aunt Sam looks like when she thinks what you just said is really actually funny. My family has a highly evolved (or devolved, depending how you look at it) sense of humor, and making them laugh like that ... well I consider it a triumph. 

From left: me, Emilie, Megan, Grama Wanda, and our dad.Oh, and someone's arm. 

Hey everyone! This is what I look like when I have more than 10 minutes to get myself ready! WOOOOO!!!
I also like this photo because you can see that my eyes and Milo's eyes are the same. 

This is our new thing. I squeeze him and say, 'mmmmmy BABY!!!!'. Then he squeezes back and says, 'mmmmyyyy BABY!'. Although I am trying to explain that he needs to call me Mommy. 
Also...holy eyeliner. And no fake lashes. I was fully blessed in the lash department. Word. 
That's about it for now. 
I have a bread making tutorialish in the works and a series of REALLY funny photos of Milo and another little one from the wedding. But those will have to wait. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. Just wanted to get a few photographs up so that family that reads this can see. 

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