Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I think of the lists that I want to post on this blog: lists of things I hate about myself. Things I like about myself. 
But I fear that one list would be much longer than the other. 
Negative thinking can be extremely detrimental, especially if you are like me and usually stand at the edge of the self-loathing abyss. 
So I'll do a one, and then the other kinda thing. Because I feel like it. Maybe seeing these things in print will cancel them out forever. 

I hate my flabby upper arms. 
I love the definition I am getting from exercising. 

I hate that I have hair ADD. 
I love that I am brave enough to try different looks.

I hate that I am inherently lazy. 
I love that I can overcome that and keep my house cleanish. 

I hate that I depend on other people too much for my own happiness. 
I love that I have Psalm 65 to read when I feel weak-it was a real turning point for me. 

I hate that I decided to have the negative thing first on this list. 
I love that I can follow it up with something positive. 

I hate how my self-confidence has taken such a major nosedive in the past 2 years. 
I love that I am taking steps to combat that because I realized it before I got REALLY depressed. 

I hate that I am pasty. 
I love self-tanner!

That's about it. I am gonna go hang out with Jillian now. Time to burn some of yesterday's tasty dinner off. 

GOD IS LOVE...Rev Run (its his line, not mine, but I really like it)