Thursday, August 26, 2010

Self Improvesies

I may have found the cure to my hair A.D.D.(period). has this makeover thingamajigger that I spent WAAAAAY too much time on yesterday.
Please to be ignoring the weird bit of hair sticking out of my head there. This is Posh's old bob, darkened, with Angelina's makeup from somethingsomething.
Pink blush! Who knew????

STRANGELY enough...Rihanna's hairdos ALL looked pretty good on me. 
But I doubt I will be doing the cockatiel thing anytime soon.
OR WILL I?????
Grow hair, grow!!!!
I also apparently need black liquid eyeliner every day of my life.
On the reals, though...I can't seem to shake these last 5 to 7 pounds. I get all snacky at the end of the day which is THE WORSTEST time to snack. Doubleyouteeeff.
I'll have to eventually resort to duct tape over the old mouthahontas. Stupid willpower and me not having any. Boo. 
Um...also...Amanda Palmer has recently put out an album of Radiohead covers. ON HER UKELELE. 
I want. Badly.
Go. Now. Listen. 
Last night at work, I couldn't sell a DAMN thang...I had enthusiastic customers, I demoed my face off, and one bought. Even the woman who wanted our most expensive moisturizer, and the one who was pissed off at Oak Brook for lying to her (sorry to trash another store, but y'all gave that lady WORNG INFO). I was trying SO HARD to impress my new bosslady-who has purple hair and a Vonnegut quote tattoo (swoon). 
But then. THEN. Another co-worker paid me the SWEETEST compliment. She said that the first time she met me she thought I looked like a 50s pinup girl. 
I almost made out with her right there. Not really, but I DID give her a big hug. Planning to file that one away for my less-than-loving-myself moments. 
Time to go sweat to the oldies. Kidding. Jillian and I are hanging out again. She's got a big butt. 

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  1. Love the covers! I will have to post one soon and give ya credit :)
    Also, gotta rub it in your face: Armitage won the Golden Brazier!! But I am glad your new boss lady is so rad.

    And we all have those days where we can't sell to save our life, so I wouldn't sweat it :)